Matthew Lau


Deconstrcucted Colours (2023)
Hey, What’s Up (2022)
The LASALLE Show: Faculty of Design BA (Hons) Graduate Exhibition Frontage (2022)
Hello, I’m Here Exhibition (2022)
Hello, I’m Here Proposal (2022)
Singapore Art Week 2022: The Oort Cloud and Blue Mountain, Singapore (2022)
Children’s Biennale 2021: The Oort Cloud and Blue Mountain, Germany (2021)
KINDERBIËNNALE 2021: The Oort Cloud and Blue Mountain, Netherlands (2021)
Breathing Bytes Proposal (2020)

Affective Commmunication Research (2021-2022)
A Series of Explorations and Technical Challenges (2021)
Archifest 2021: Sea of Debris (2021)
Generative 3D Form Finding Tool (2021)
DJ Heard That?! (2021)
Generative Type Tool (2020)

Neuewave Web Animations (2021)
Source of Happiness (2020)
Superfit Trail Etiquettes (2020)
Curious Shapes (2017)

Disjointed Memories (2020)
Various LASALLE Collaterals (2016-2018)
The Cobbler Project (2017)
Did I Have Fun? (2017)

I practice creative technology through a design lens and believe that design should serve a purpose beyond just creating functional and accessible work. I believe that itis about establishing a connection with audiences through expression. I thrive when seeking out opportunities to explore new ideas and experimenting with various mediums, bridging the gap between traditional design and computation. My versatile skill set enables me to work across various disciplines, tackling real-world challenges and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams.

As a passionate advocate for design education, I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and helping other creatives develop new skills. With a commitment to constantly evolve and grow, I aim to foster a future-focused mindset, unlocking the potential at the intersection of design and technology.

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