The LASALLE Show: Faculty of Design BA (Hons) Graduate Exhibition Frontage (2022)
Hello, I’m Here Exhibition (2022)
Hello, I’m Here Proposal (2022)
Singapore Art Week 2022: The Oort Cloud and Blue Mountain, Singapore (2022)
Children’s Biennale 2021: The Oort Cloud and Blue Mountain, Germany (2021)
KINDERBIËNNALE 2021: The Oort Cloud and Blue Mountain, Netherlands (2021)
Breathing Bytes Proposal (2020)

Affective Commmunication Research (2021-2022, Ongoing Project)
A Series of Explorations and Technical Challenges (2021)
Archifest 2021: Sea of Debris (2021)
Generative 3D Form Finding Tool (2021, Coming soon!)
DJ Heard That?! (2021)
Generative Type Tool (2020)

Neuewave Web Animations (2021)
Source of Happiness (2020)
Superfit Trail Etiquettes (2020)
Curious Shapes (2017)

Disjointed Memories (2020)
Various LASALLE Collaterals (2016-2018)
The Cobbler Project (2017)
Did I Have Fun? (2017)

Matthew is a creative technologist and designer delivering print, digital, computational and experiential concepts. He is keen on design research and has a fondness for the academic side of design, where he aspires to inspire others with what design can bring about. Matthew believes design exists to serve a purpose and that it is beyond just creating functional and accessible works but also establishing an emotional connection with audiences.

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In my free time you can find me playing baseball, listening to records & reading, or baking bread & making pourover coffee.

Project pages will be progressively fleshed out over the next couple of weeks, but feel free to drop me an email if you would like to know more about any of the projects!

Work Experience:

May 2021-Oct 2021
Working on design projects ranging from Installation, Exhibition, Identity, Web, Computational, Creative Coding, Product design disciplines. As well as explorations in  Physical Computing, 3D Scanning, Modelling and Printing, production management and fabrication, and material exploration.

Graphic Designer
Oct 2019–Mar 2020
Worked on projects with a more significant emphasis on executing for a broader audience. Engaged with large scale clients and tackled challenging design briefs both independently and collaboratively for digital and printed projects.

Junior Graphic Designer
Nov 2018-Dec 2018,
May 2017–Sep 2017,
Nov 2016-Jan 2017,
Exposed to a wide range of projects, from print collaterals for branding and editorials to motion graphics for digital assets. I had the opportunity to navigate the creative industry with real-world design problems and clients.


B.A (Hons) in Design Communication
LASALLE College of the Arts
Getting my degree at LASALLE exposed me to more than just design but also got me interested in the intersections between technology and design setting me on my path to find ways of integrating computation into my work.

Diploma in Design Communication with Distinction
LASALLE College of the Arts
While getting my diploma at LASALLE, the programme opened my mind to how design has been shaping the world around us. As well as how it plays a pivotal part in culture. I am always grateful to have been exposed to the works of and design philosophy of many designers and this helped form a strong foundation in my creative journey.


LASALLE Scholarship AY 2021/2022
LASALLE College of the Arts
Awarded the LASALLE Scholarship for the 2021/2022 Academic Year. The LASALLE Scholarship is awarded to BA(Hons) students with strong academic record and leadership qualities.

Bronze Crowbar for Photography in the Design Discipline
The Crowbar Awards 2017
"The Cobbler Project" was completed as part of the Diploma in Design Communication Programme at LASALLE College of the Arts.