Completed as part of the BA in Design Communication level 3 programme at LASALLE. Also see Hello, I’m Here. (2022, Ongoing Project) and Affective Computing Research (2021-2022, Ongoing Project) in relation to this project. Check out the microsite here and the Instagram here.

A Series of Explorations & Technical Challenges” is an archive of various challenges imposed on myself to figure out the technical skill needed behind different physical computing functions.

This archive showcases each step taken to solve various technical challenges through explorations and iterations to figure things out. These explorations were conducted in order to aid my dissertation and final graduation project. Each exploration includes video and photo documentation of the circuit and the circuit diagram and code used to program it.

It was developed as a guide for myself and others to understand simple interactions through a series of various inputs and outputs. The work has since been maintained and has been used as a guide for other students to get a start in physical prototyping.