The LASALLE Show: Faculty of Design BA (Hons) Graduate Exhibition Frontage (2022)
Hello, I’m Here Exhibition (2022)
Hello, I’m Here Proposal (2022)
Singapore Art Week 2022: The Oort Cloud and Blue Mountain, Singapore (2022)
Children’s Biennale 2021: The Oort Cloud and Blue Mountain, Germany (2021)
KINDERBIËNNALE 2021: The Oort Cloud and Blue Mountain, Netherlands (2021)
Breathing Bytes Proposal (2020)

Affective Commmunication Research (2021-2022, Ongoing Project)
A Series of Explorations and Technical Challenges (2021)
Archifest 2021: Sea of Debris (2021)
Generative 3D Form Finding Tool (2021, Coming soon!)
DJ Heard That?! (2021)
Generative Type Tool (2020)

Neuewave Web Animations (2021)
Source of Happiness (2020)
Superfit Trail Etiquettes (2020)
Curious Shapes (2017)

Disjointed Memories (2020)
Various LASALLE Collaterals (2016-2018)
The Cobbler Project (2017)
Did I Have Fun? (2017)

Matthew is a creative technologist and designer delivering print, digital, computational and experiential concepts. He is keen on design research and has a fondness for the academic side of design, where he aspires to inspire others with what design can bring about. Matthew believes design exists to serve a purpose and that it is beyond just creating functional and accessible works but also establishing an emotional connection with audiences.

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Completed as part of the BA in Design Communication level 2 programme at LASALLE.
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I was drawn to the topic of happiness as I thought it would be an interesting study to see how people would define happiness. Happiness is such a subjective term, it could mean a feeling or a mood and it could be perceived differently from people to people. And so I thought it would be interesting to study how experts defined different factors in their ranking of happiness. I also thought it would be good to look at things on a more macro level, looking at how different regions are ranked, and compiled another set of data from that based on the original source.

Music is a source of happiness for many so to interpret the data topic, I've created a sound interactive audio visualization tool where users would see a graphic, when playing music, on screen to capture the feeling of happiness through song. The audio visualizer graphics is based of the visual interpretation of music using sine waves and also inspired by the grooves pressed into records.

Using data from the "World Happiness Report 2020" for this p5js sketch, I've chosen to create an app interface platform where users can easily access an overview of the data as at first glance it might have been overwhelming to most people.